we are one of the leading manufacturers of a wide range of material and laboratory testing instruments & equipment. These find wide usage in automotive & aircraft and construction industries.
Concrete Testing Equipments
Soil Testing Equipments
Cement Testing Equipments
Aggregate Testing Equipments
Bitumen Testing Equipments
Industrial Sieves
General Lab Equipments
Stop Watch Digital
Equipment and Instruments
Cutting Saw
Core Cutting Machine
Benkelman Beam Apparatus
Cube Mould
Vibration Compaction Tools
Industrial Desiccator
Scoops Gauging Trowels and Flexible Spatulas
Gravity Bottles
Industrial Theodolite
Liquid Limit Device with Counter Tools
Plastic Limit Apparatus
Shrinkage Limit Apparatus
Baffle Chromium Plated
Hydrometer Jar
Sieve Shaker
Plummet Balance
Core Cutter
Sand Pouring Cylinder Apparatus
Industrial Tray
Compaction Test Apparatus
Soil Automatic Compactor
Universal Automatic Compactor
Proctor Needle
Infrared Moisture Meter
Permeability Apparatus
Overhead Tank
Rapid Chloride Permeability Test
Direct Shear Apparatus
Unconfined Compression Testing Machine
Point Load Test Apparatus
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